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Vibration Boom Box

Vibration Boom Box

Special Features:

  • play Vibration speaker
  • With magic audio frequency fixture
  • Quite different from the traditional on which base on electromagnetic coils
  • Makes any hard surface play euphonious musical notes, such as wooden floor, glass, metal surface, and more
  • You will hear various materials around you, which play different music quality in different sides
  • Enjoy yourself in the freedom of music
  • New sound principle will bring new musical lifestyle to you
  • Audio quality maintains the same level no matter it is large or small
  • Exploits new times that high quality audio equipment’s are joining in the trend of fashion and portability
  • New stylistic products of audio frequency
  • Small and used to furnish audio frequency for PCs, music mobile phones, MP3/MP4s, CD palm players, and other portable fixtures






Vibration Boom Box


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